FR 88/12 Deluxe Coveralls

Dependable Workwear

FR 88/12 Deluxe Coveralls

(6.5 oz) ATPV=9.5 / CAT2 / 2112
(9 oz) ATPV=12 / CAT2 / 2112
  • 6 ounce Sauk Sateen and 9 ounce twill
  • Reedflex® side elastic inserts
  • Deep pleated bi-swing back for comfort
  • Dual tool pocket
  • Two-piece cuff with concealed snap
  • Two chest pockets, left has flap with concealed snap
  • Reinforced hip pockets
  • Set-in hip pockets, left with button
  • Inner facings on front pockets
  • Two-way Nomex® and brass zipper


Lot No.
6 Ounce Sauk Sateen
6 Ounce Sauk Sateen
9 Ounce Twill


Size Scales
REG – 31″
TALL – 33″

CASE PACK: 12 (SIZE 38-50) — CASE PACK: 10 (52 & UP)These FR garments are either 100% cotton or 88/12 fabrics treated with gaseous ammonia to impart flame resistant properties. The FR characteristics are permanent, and are for the life of the garment.

Applications include the petrochemical, chemical, oil, and gas industries. They are also appropriate for electrical utilities, welding, flame cutting, and areas involving ferrous metals.

REED® FR Cotton garments should NOT be used around molten white metals such as aluminum, magnesium, or zinc, as these substances will stick to FR cotton. REED® FR Cotton garments should also NOT be worn in areas where static control is a factor, or where contact with strong oxidizers, such as sodium hypochlorite is likely.

REED® FR Cotton garments can be laundered using the normal procedures for 100% cotton. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH. Repeated use will destroy the flame retardant polymer. Starches and fabric softeners should be avoided as these additives may mask the flame retardant properties.

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