Food Service Uniforms

Since 1919

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When you choose REED Manufacturing as your food service garment supplier, you can expect high-quality, durable fabrics that withstand the demands of bustling kitchens. 

Our garments boast sleek designs that ensure both comfort and mobility for chefs and servers alike. From soil-release materials to cleverly placed pockets for utensils, these uniforms prioritize both aesthetics and functionality, catering to the unique needs of the food service industry.

Whether your customer needs no pockets or some, flexible waistbands, or side vent openings, we have it all. Our food service garments come in a variety of colors that are often standard for the food service industry!


Recognizing the varied needs within the food and beverage industry, REED offers a diverse selection of carefully curated uniform styles tailored to suit specific roles and environments.

Work-wear that's always on call

REED has designed and manufactured high quality, comfortable, protective workwear since 1919. Are you ready to elevate your look while meeting industry standards?