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At REED, we’re committed to making tough, comfortable, long-lasting work garments while upholding inventory excellence, customer-focused innovation, and garment expertise.

Proven partner in employee safety

Seeking garment comfort, safety, and cost-effectiveness? Look no further. REED's tailored flame resistant clothing solutions hit all the sweet spots.

High on image low on cost

Look great without breaking the bank. REED's poly-cotton two-tone crew shirts offer both comfort and durability, ensuring peak performance even in demanding work environments.

Be seen
be safe

Discover REED's latest innovative FRC ANSI-rated garments designed to meet the increasing demand for dual-hazard FRC applications.

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REED popular product shirt

Engineered to take the heat


Engineered with innovative flame-resistant fabrics, these shirts offer durable, lightweight, and comfortable wear, ensuring workers can perform their duties with confidence and safety. GlenGuard shirts adhere to strict safety standards, making them a trusted choice for industries where fire protection is paramount.

REED Manufacturing popular product

Crafting Confidence


Crafted for durability and comfort in demanding work environments. Made from a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this shirt combines resilience with breathability. Its durable press finish ensures longevity, while the soil release and wickable finish keep you looking sharp and feeling fresh all day long.

REED Manufacturing popular product

Essential Performance


Designed to meet the demands of the food industry. Crafted from durable 7.2 oz spun poly fabric, this coat provides both comfort and reliability for long hours in the processing environment. With a length of 41 inches, it offers ample coverage and protection. The six gripper front closure ensures a secure fit, while the absence of pockets maintains cleanliness and safety.

REED Manufacturing popular product

Be Seen,
Be Safe


Our enhanced visibility shirts ensure workers remain visible even in low-light conditions. Constructed with durable press fabric and equipped with wickable properties and soil release, they maintain a professional appearance while withstanding the rigors of the job.

with a difference

Experience standout fabrics and a multitude of carefully crafted features. REED garments not only enhance your fit, appearance, and performance but also ensure durability, even during the toughest days on the job.

Apparel that goes above and beyond the essentials.

FR 88/12 Cotton Blend Shirts
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100% Cotton Reedflex Pants
Navy Pants - No Buttons or Pockets
Hi-Visibility Vest
Hi-Visibility Shirt
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FR 88/12 Cotton Blend Pants
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Reedflex® Cargo Pants
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