FR Apparel

Since 1919

Our flame resistant workwear garments

REED Manufacturing specializes in top-tier flame resistant apparel, designed to provide unparalleled safety without compromising comfort or style. Our line of garments incorporates cutting-edge FR fabrics that exceed industry standards, ensuring maximum protection against fire hazards. 

As a proven partner in employee safety, each garment is meticulously crafted, offering a seamless blend of durability and sleek design. From rugged work environments to high-risk situations, REED's FR apparel offers peace of mind, allowing wearers to safely focus on their important work.

If your industry mandates flame resistant uniforms, we provide a diverse range of arc-rated garments tailored to meet your company’s preferences.


Discover modern alternatives that prioritize safety and comfort. Introducing TecaSafe One by Tencate: a flame-resistant solution that is lightweight, offers superior thermal protection, and excels in moisture management.

Work-wear that's always on call

REED has designed and manufactured high quality, comfortable, protective workwear since 1919. Are you ready to elevate your look while meeting industry standards?